Blogosphere and the Year of Scrutiny

Why jumping into the meme pool might not be such a good idea when blogging about rumors.
Heather Green

Debbie Weil has a thoughtful post about whether the blogosphere will come under more scrutiny this year. Weil's argument: The more popular the blogosphere, the more attention is drawn to how the "ability for anyone to publish instantly - and globally - can so easily be abused."

She has a great example in how one universally acknowledged online truth--that Krytoptonite was braindead about blogs--isn't true. Her advice is to be a little more skeptical about passing around memes and rumors without checking them.

It makes me think in particular of how it's more common these days to float acquisition rumors on blogs without apparently checking them. Or at least without saying that they have spoken with the company, as PaidContent did here with a YouTube rumor. It might be part of the fast pace of blogging--the need to get out there first with a bit of news. Or it may be a tactic for getting sources to confirm news. But I am with Debbie in wishing that before they blogged, they called the company and put the company's comments in there.