What Do Your E-Mails Say About You?

As someone who receives and sends a couple hundred e-mails a day, I’m constantly amazed at how poorly written and unprofessional most business e-mails are. Every day, fellow entrepreneurs send me e-mails that don’t even contain full sentences. They’re often rife with spelling and grammatical errors, or typed in all capital letters. Sometimes they’re virtually unintelligible.

One e-mail I recently received from someone trying to sell me an expensive piece of equipment actually read, “tom — what you think — ready to buy?” First off, my name is “Tim” and secondly, what I think is: I will take my business elsewhere. Thank you, drive through.

Why should you worry about how your e-mails are reviewed by their recipients? Because in business you’re constantly being judged by your customers, your employees, your investors, your partners, and your peers. If your e-mails give the impression that you don’t put much thought into composing the message or that you’re too busy to be bothered or that you’re a total idiot who can’t even use a spell checker, what do you think that says to the person on the other end?

It says a lot, trust me.

Here’s to your success!

Tim Knox Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker Owner and CEO Digital Graphiti, Inc. Huntsville, Ala.

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