New Study: TV Is Making Our Kids Fat

Cathy Arnst

Before I adopted my daughter, I had a fantasy that I would get rid of my television. Instead, I got digital cable, HBO, and TIVO. Sigh. I do limit how much and what she watches, but I am nowhere near those few (very few) parents I know who don't turn the TV on during the week, or otherwise strictly limit viewing. As a working parent,I probably lean too much on the TV to keep my child--and me--entertained. I'm just not up for a game of Monopoly after a long day.

Other articles in the journal are equally worrisome: *Violent video games may contribute to negative health attitudes and behaviors *Children who watch violent TV spend less time with friends (interestingly, non-violent TV does not affect socialization) *Children who watch more TV may have sex earlier *The more TV they watch, the more children ask for products being advertised

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