Snakes On A Plane: Unquestionably One Of The Greatest Films Of All Time (And It Doesn't Even Exist Yet)

I know I’m a little late to this party, but bear with me.

Let me see if I’ve got this straight: A movie, which basically doesn’t even exist, is already a cause celebre on the Web. (And, with a name like “Snakes On A Plane,” it’s not hard to see why.) It actually has gone beyond being a cause celebre—there’s people making fake trailers for this movie. The name has become a catch-phrase. All this for a movie which, to reiterate, does not even exist yet.

And then the studio—New Line—gets wind of all this and, basically, makes changes in the movie to better reflect the movie that its Web fans are imagining in their heads.

I can’t decide yet if this is really cool or really screwed up.

Actually, no. I can decide. It’s really cool.

When the extraordinarily cringe-inducing Mommie Dearest was greeted with bad reviews and hooting audiences, the studio decided to play up the “bad” angle. It started running newspaper ads with taglines like “No More Wire Hangers … Ever.” and “The Biggest Mother Of Them All.” But predictably, if I recall correctly, people freaked and they had to stop.

With Snakes On A Plane, not only did they embrace the man-does-this-suck-hilariously crowd early—they’re changing the damn film to make it more what they want.

Call me when they start to do this with Presidential candidates. That I wanna to see.

PS: The real trailer is here, although the “Samuel Jackson” snippets on this audio trailer are slightly more entertaining (if significantly not-safe-for-work). (UPDATE 4/4: I am informed that what I referred to as “the real trailer” is actually a prmotional clip for a contest New Line is sponsoring with TagWorld. The real trailer, like the movie itself, doesn’t exist yet.)

But only slightly.

I can’t wait till this comes out.

Although on a certain level, I guess it already has.