Hot Properties Are Everywhere

We aren't the only people who think
Peter Coy

We aren't the only people who think "Hot Property" is a great name for chatter about real estate.
*Since 1985 the Los Angeles Times has had a real estate column called Hot Property.
*In Chicago you can find Hot Property Online, billed as "a new innovation in the real estate industry led by Chaz Walters."
*Not far away in Rockford, Ill., John Dowd & Diane Leggero-Dowd have a real estate website called Hot Property.
*There's a site called Hot Property run by Realty Baron, which promises to get Realtors to bid to sell your home.
*There's also the inscrutable, which has pictures of slightly run-down houses in an unidentified urban neighborhood.
*For Anglophiles, check out a British realty site called Hot Property.
Los Angelenos who aren't reading the LA Times might like to visit, run a Beverly Hills broker named Jeff Kohl.
*And to top it off, both ABC and NBC used the name for pilot shows about real estate last year set in Manhattan ABC's "Hot Properties") and Houston (NBC's "Hot Property").

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