What Will Google Use $2 Billion For?

Rob Hof

As if it doesn't already mint money, Google's raising $2.1 billion more in a new offering. You sure don't need this kind of money to develop Web services, do you? So maybe the question is, how many more Web 2.0 startups just got a new lease on life? Or does Google have somewhat bigger prey in mind now?

Update: A lot of folks here and on sites that track back to this post assume I'm suggesting that Google is the most likely acquirer of Facebook. Actually, I tend to doubt it, at least not at anything near $2 billion. Yahoo! seems like a more likely acquirer. Guess I was trying to be too clever, sorry about that. On the other hand, I have to think that this wasn't done merely to help institutional shareholders. Even if a Facebook acquisition is unlikely, I don't doubt many others are on the table.

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