Podcasts anchored in the computer

Stephen Baker

Looks like people don't get around to transferring lots of podcasts to their mp3 players. I notice a radical shift in my behavior. The first month after buying my iPod, I listened to podcasts continually. I barely read on the commute. In the last month, I don't think I've listened to one. I barely sync up the iPod with the computer. Instead I plug it into the wall. I give it juice without bits, and I settle for old music. Podcasts are piling up iTunes like zucchini in August.

I have a new life. I'm not commuting. I've got this Apple laptop, and my iTunes is on the PC that the kids use. I joined the Y. When I work out, I want pure music. That means no Coverville, no French radio podcasts. The biggest point, though, is that the novelty has worn off. Are you listening to fewer podcasts these days, or more? Any podcasts out there that will bring me back into the fold?

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