PayPal's Goin' Mobile

Rob Hof

eBay's PayPal is getting back to its roots as a person-to-person payment service with a new mobile service. You can find out more here, but essentially, you can use your cell phone to quickly send payments to people. Interestingly, the person-to-person payments never really took off before, and PayPal instead became eBay's defacto method for paying for stuff.

But whether or not that takes off this time--and I think it might, given the ease of using cell phones to make the payments--PayPal's offering another interesting new mobile payment service as well. You can punch in a few numbers you see in ads or posters that bear the words "Text to Buy," buy the item advertised in a snap, and the merchant will ship it to the address stored in your PayPal account. Obviously, that's going to take a lot of deals with merchants, but I have to think the potential for instant payments is going to be appealing to just about all of them (except maybe eBay rival Clearly, PayPal isn't easing up on its .

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