Dodge's Living Room on Wheels

The RAM 2500 offers everything big: luxuries galore, comfort for the whole family, massive power -- and a hefty price tag

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Huge interior space, comfort

The Bad: Price, gas mileage

The Bottom Line: Among big pickup trucks, this is the luxury liner

The other evening I went out to the driveway, revved up the Dodge RAM 2500 pickup truck I've been test-driving, hopped into the back seat, and popped a Bourne Identity DVD into the entertainment system (a $1,200 option). This truck has a roomier rear seat than any other vehicle I've ever been in except a London taxi, so I could slouch down and really stretch my legs. The cordless earphones shut out everything but the movie. It didn't feel all that different from relaxing in my living room, except the video screen in the truck is a lot smaller than a TV.

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