Architectural Review Boards

Peter Coy

It's not enough that you spent $2 million for a bare lot and you have to spend another $6 million to build your dream house on it. Now you're forced to contend with an architectural review board that will decide whether your proposed design fits into the neighborhood.

My BW colleague Lauren Young just passed along a press release from DPS Development Co., which uses architectural review boards in its way-upscale "sporting club communities." The release quotes Dan Paquette, DPS vice-president for planning and development, about how not everyone fully appreciates the boards' judgments. Says Paquette: It's like being told, "Your baby is ugly." On the other hand, at least your tasteless neighbors have to go through the same painful process.

For fun, here are the Architectural Review Board guidelines for Greenbrier Sporting Club in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va.

Hey, at least the board might be able to prevent glass foreheads.

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