Ten Ways to Make Better Games

Tiny budgets, short lead times, and tough markets all make it hard to make great games, but it's more and more important in the mobile space

Pierce co-founded Macrovision and created coin-op originals including Pit Fighter and Klax, and is currently CEO of mobile developer Super Happy Fun Fun. In his session, "How to put the Fun Element Back in Games", he argued that developers must spend the time and effort in making games that are fun, rather than games that simply follow predictable patterns."There are a lot of titles out there that are no fun," he said. "But fun, rather than just brand, is going to become more and more important as the market establishes itself."

He argued that game developers should look to arcade games as an inspiration, and to their ancestors - pinball games and carnivals, that offered bright lights and the promise of excitement. He offered ten tips for making fun games.

1) The games must be outwardly compelling and must draw people in, like a carnival show.

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