Invest in a Better Web Site or Online Marketing?

The short answer is both. You need a Web site and you need to market it. A Web site without online marketing is a little like the proverbial tree falling in the forest — it’s there, but will anyone notice it?

If I were forced to come down on one side or the other, I would say spend more on marketing. What form that takes and where you put those dollars depends to some degree on whether you’re selling products or services. However, the challenge is that if you have an inadequate Web site or one that doesn’t provide consumers with the right information or enough of it, all the online marketing in the world may not help.

Online marketing, whether on directories, specialized vertical sites, shopping engines, or through search can deliver a potential lead to your door, but if you don’t deliver what the consumer is looking for, you may never get that call or close the sale.

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Greg Sterling Internet & E-Commerce Expert

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