The (Online) World Will Always Need Heroes

Gamer 1 Says: City of Heroes has done well and Marvel and DC are stepping up with more comics-based games. That's the way it should be

It wasn't too long ago that a majority of people thought that comic books were just for nerds and kids. Then little benchmarks happened along the way that gave both comic books and graphic novels more credibility, like Maus winning the Pulitzer. It turns out all those kids grew up, and they kept the characters, mythology, stories, and fantastic art from their youth close to their hearts. Even people who don't read comic books are subject to their iconic influence. A song mentions Superman, and the audience automatically knows what to imagine. Ask almost anyone to describe Batman and images of a shadowy hero, solemnly watching over the city of Gotham, immediately comes to mind. Whether you wish you had one of Wolverine's adamantium ginsu knives to cut a tough steak, or wished you could beat traffic by web-slinging Spider-Man style, it is clear that the superheroes have made a deep impression on the popular culture's psyche.

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