Put Your "Intrapreneurs" to Work for the Better

“Intrapreneurs” are employees who think like entrepreneurs, biding their time and watching for opportunity while on the company payroll. This new generation of employees brings a change in the workplace mindset — from one of “serial employment” to one of “entrepreneurial advancement.”

We’re in the age of ownership, where everyone from the CEO to the janitor has more opportunities and options than ever before. We demand ownership in our lives and in our careers. The gold watch has been replaced by the brass ring.

The only way to convert the focus of these employees — who are usually the most talented people within the organization — is to give them what they want: the opportunity to excel and grow within an environment that appreciates entrepreneurial thought. When “Intrapreneurs” are allowed to flourish, the entire company will follow.

Tim Knox Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker Owner and CEO, Digital Graphiti Huntsville, Alabama

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