The Right Way To Speak To A Geek

I enjoyed Larry Armstrong's piece "Help Without Headaches" (Winter, 2005). Having worked both sides of a PC tech bench during the past 15 years, and having spent some time as a member of the Geek Squad, I understand that most people know no more about PCs than I know about nuclear fission. I have five simple tips that can make it easier for you and your geeks to understand each other:

-- Be specific about your plan. We can't read your mind.

-- If you're unsure of what something means, ask. We're there to help.

-- Be willing to listen to us. We can help you choose which setups and features will be best for you, and we can help you get the most bang for your buck.

-- Be willing to listen to us, Part Two. A lot of people ask questions and then tell us the answers.

-- If an on-call tech [person] tells you that you need to buy additional hardware or software, they're probably right. I've never known a tech to work on commission.

These five tips will make your meeting a lot more comfortable for both parties.

Kalan J. Lafleur

Alexandria, La.

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