Sopranos Product Placement Watch: Season Six, Episode Two. (Warning: Contains Spoilers.)

An atypically quiet night for product on the Sopranos. Apparently having a major character in a coma and on a breathing machine throughout the entire episode tends to focus the other characters’ minds on other matters.

BMW M3: Mentioned by AJ in the course of a monologue about—what else?—cars that’s directed at his Dad. Egregiousness: 3. AJ does go into geek-detail about some of its specs, but since he can barely form a sentence on his own, he’s (partially) forgiven for sounding like he’s reading off a Web site.

Glenlivet: Gladly accepted by Tony-as-Willy-Loman in a hotel bar. “Apparently they serve scotch in purgatory,” writes a correspondent. Egregiousness: 3. It is hard to have a drink without mentioning a brand, especially if, yknow, they’re trying to make clear how special the drink is.

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