Apple's Jonathon Ive Speaks Out Publicly.

The secretive senior vice president of design for Apple,
Bruce Nussbaum

The secretive senior vice president of design for Apple, "Jonnie" Ive will give a rare public presentation this week on why so many people have white headphones coming out of their ears at the Radical Craft conference put on by the great Art Center College of Design.

This is--to repeat--a rare occurrence folks so if you're not doing much, heck if you are incredibly busy, head on over to Pasadena to check out Ive and hear a lot of very smart people talk about innovation and design.

In fact, if you are really interest in how to make innovation count in your company, forget Ive and listen to the one and only Claudia Kotchka from P&G. Ive has it easy. He works for that great designer Steve Jobs. Most other peoplein big corporation don't have designers as CEOs. Claudia will tell you how to spread design thinking throughout a more traditional company. Although today P&G is anything but. Indeed, thanks to Claudia and her boss AG Lafely, P&G has become the innovation model for Corporate America. If you haven't read the P&G cover story in the current issue of HBR, you are way behind. It is amazing for its detailed description of P&G's open-source innovation techniques.

Kudos to Richard Koshalek, president of the Art Center, for making this happen. He has greatly expanded the Art Center, linking up with Insead and doing many other things to bolster the school.

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