More GTWDs Please

James Mehring

A month ago, I explored the Internet in search of working father blogs and other relevant web sites to little avail. But I was encouraged by a recent post from RebelDad. Well, let's say I ended up slightly encouraged.

Turns out RebelDad--someone who has made several comments on this blog--helped inspire a new blog (Working Day Dad) by a GTWD in North Carolina who has one child and another on the way. By GTWD, I mean a go-to-work dad. This acronym seems to be a response to the popular SAHD, or stay-at-home dad. But I digress.

I enjoyed the early entries. However, on March 14, a mere month into his blog, Working Day Dad wrote:

I am no longer going to pretend to use this site as a way of publishing my thoughts on the balance of work and life to an audience that doesn't exist. This is now going to be more like a journal. I am going to write about my struggle to balance work and life...but I am also going to write about anything else that crosses my mind.

There certainly is a conundrum here. Working Day Dad is broadening the scope of his blog because he doesn't believe there is a large audience out there wanting to read just about balancing work and family. I would venture to guess that not many persons know that these types of blogs are out there. What's more, the target audience probably doesn't have enough time to explore the web for such blogs. As I found out, just typing in working father doesn't yield many good results. Finding good blogs takes a little work.

I would love to see more GTWD blogs and comments from working dads on how they manage their job and life at home. But people are unlikely to carve out some of their precious time if they don't think it will foster a conversation. I hope Working Day Dad opts to keep using some of his personal time to write mostly about balancing work and family.

RebelDad also noticed a neat site by Armin Brott(aka Mr Dad). I must admit that I am not familiar with Armin or his books. However, I plan on doing some more investigating. There are also podcasts of Armin's weekly radio show out in San Francisco. I am pretty new at the podcast thing but I had more success downloading the shows at iTunes than from his web site.

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