LG's Unlucky C2000

This Cingular handset packs lots of extras, such as a built-in camera. But poor voice quality and a clumsy design make it one to avoid

Looking for a cool, new cutting-edge mobile phone? This isn't the review series for you. Like many users, I wanted a phone that does a good job acting like a phone. Me, I can no longer afford "cool" -- I accidentally destroyed my last phone, didn't have insurance, and don't feel like shelling out big bucks for a hip, high-end model.

All told, the LG C2000 was a disappointment. While thrifty users willing to sacrifice other features to have a camera phone might pick this inexpensive option, I would stay away. For everybody else on Cingular, the Samsung X497 is a similar model with comparable features that gets the job done right.

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