Goodie Bags--Part II

Amy Dunkin

I have never given out goodie bags with little plastic animals, bouncy balls, and--God forbid--candy. I always look for items that are interesting and inexpensive and that the kids might really like. It takes more work, but that's why dollar stores and bargain-book racks were invented.

For less than $2 apiece, I have found great coloring books and markers, CD carrying cases, funky candles with bas-relief scenes of New York City, disposeable cameras decorated with characters from The Simpsons, baseballs with photos and autographs of popular major league players, and miniature Lego kits. Each of these was a big hit with the kids.

The point is, if you have to give gifts to your childrens’ friends who give gifts to your children, you might as well put some thought into it.

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