GE's Blogging R&D Squad

Every hardcore geek's dream: GE's R&D scientists and engineers are blogging. And they have cool videos too.
Heather Green

This has to be every hardcore geek's dream: GE's scientists and engineers at its R&D center are blogging, giving a peek at what they are working on. At Edison's Desk, the researchers post on everything from the challenges of renewable energy to the promise of self cleaning cars. (err..Apparently through turning hydrophilic polymers into superhydrophobic surfaces....)

It seems like a clever way to reach out. GE can seem so huge, while Research and Development can seem so removed from everyday life. But here are these folks giving an insight into why they're doing what they're doing and creating a forum to discuss innovation.

Plus they have cool videos, including this one of honey and some kind of space age material.

Update: GE spokesman Todd Alhart says the blog is intended in part to connect with engineering and science students on the college campuses. And here's the lowdown for March 17, he says. "Tomorrow, we will be ringing in St. Patrick's Day with a celebration of green chemistry! We have a group of chemists working on various green energy tech initiatives."

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