Kind-Hearted Mortgage Bankers? Looks That Way

Peter Coy

Right about now you'd be expecting a tidal wave of foreclosures in New Orleans, but it hasn't happened. The simple reason is that mortgage bankers are giving people a break, recognizing that an act of God, so to speak, is responsible for their lateness on payments.

The Mortgage Bankers Association announced on Mar. 14 that almost 76,000 homeowners in Louisiana and Mississippi were seriously delinquent on their mortgages as of the end of December.

Nonetheless, because of lenders' "forebearance programs," the number of foreclosure proceedings started during the period fell to only 0.16% of all mortgages in Louisiana and 0.26% of those in Mississippi. Those numbers are below a year earlier and below the national average of 0.42%.

It's easy to knock bankers, but in this case, let's give credit to the credit-givers where credit is due.

By the way, the Mortgage Bankers Association also praises those borrowers who have kept current despite being unable to occupy their homes.

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