Will Kutaragi pull back the curtain?

Kenji Hall

It's official: Sony's games guru Ken Kutaragi will end his months-long silence tomorrow to offer an update on the PlayStation 3. Billed as a business briefing, the meeting will bring together third-party game developers as well as tech analysts and journalists for what is likely to be the first progress report since last month's mini-Sony shock. You'll recall that after Merrill Lynch report speculated that PS3 might miss its spring launch, Sony officials acknowledged the possibility of delays.

What Sony Computer Entertainment, the company's games division, will unveil tomorrow is anyone's guess. Sony is being so tight-lipped about the details of the meeting that it has only offered tidbits to the top execs at game software makers--and then sworn them to secrecy. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say the five most likely topics would be: launch date; price; specs; games lined up for the day of release; online games strategy.

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