The Two Little Words Your Customers Love to Hear

What are the two little words you can say to all of your customers that will immediately endear your business to them and guarantee they will be your customers for life? What two little words can drive your business through the roof? The answer: your customers’ names.

Whenever you have contact with your customers — whether it’s in person, or by phone, fax, or e-mail — always use their names. When you do so, the business experience becomes personal. And when the business experience becomes personal, your customers become vested in the relationship and thereby become your friend. When you use the customers’ names, they become as concerned about your success as you are.

At the sound of their names, your customers become your champions. They will toot your horn and defend your honor. They will recommend you to their friends and be loyal to you to the end, even when they can get the same product or service elsewhere for less money.

Unfortunately, 99% of business owners and their employees fail to realize the importance of personalizing the business relationship. While they are happy to take my hard-earned dollars, most businesses couldn’t care less what my name is. That’s why so many businesses fail: They see their customers as numbers, not names. The 1% of businesses that understand the impact of personalizing the business experience are the ones that will flourish for many years to come.

Tim Knox Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker Owner and CEO Digital Graphiti Huntsville, Ala.

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