Sneak Peek at the 2006 Industrial Designers Society of America Awards.

Bruce Nussbaum

I can't reveal the winners but I do have some data on Asian, European, Latin American, Africa, Middle Eastern and non-US North American winners of the 2006 IDEA awards. The numbers are still rough and are certain to change to some degree but here is a first cut.

Of the 1,489 kits entered for the contest, 493 came from outside the US. About one third. I believe this is both a record number and percentage.

The largest number of kits entered--91--came from Taiwan, which won 4 awards. The second largest number of kits entered--86--came from Korea, which won 4 awards. The Netherlands, a booming design center again, entered 45 kits and won 6 awards. Japan entered 41 kits and won 3 awards. Canada entered 25 kits and won 5 awards (go Canada!) amd Germany entered 24 kits and won 6 awards. Sweden entered 10 kits and won 1 award. Both India and China entered 6 kits and each won 1 award. France and Austria entered 5 kits apiece and each won 1 award. Denmark and Spain entered 4 kits and Denmark won 3 while Spain won 1 award. Australia entered 3 kits and won 1 award.

More and more countries are entering the IDEA contest to make it truly global. Not all won this year but they tried. Ireland entered 10 kits, Hongkong entered 8, Finland entered 4,Italy entered 3, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Switzerland entered 2 each, South Africa and Israel entered 1, and I may have missed a couple.

The highest percentage of wins to entries went to Denmark, which won 75% of its entering kits. Germany hit 25%, Canada 20%.

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