An MBA's Views on the Core77 and Business Week Conference

Bruce Nussbaum

I really like seeing design through an MBA's eyes because it is always full of surprise. Check out this post from Rolf Mehneit at the Zollverein School of Management and Design in Germany. He was at the Core77/Business Week conference that had Jeneanne Rae of Peer Insight, Marissa Mayers of Google, Levin Fahnam of Method and Andrew Zolli of Z-Plus. Awesome conference and another is planned for the Spring in San Francisco.

Mehneit appears surprised at how many non-designers were at the conference. I was too. The numbers are rising as banks, mutual funds, media companies and other service industry corporations discover the importance of innovation and design for their businesses. Bank of America launched its Keep the Change credit card (spend for stuff, save the change) after its ethnographers talked with women in Florida about how they handle money. One woman said she saved her change. So...a new credit card product was born. B of A --who would have thought that such a a big bank would use design thinking and methods to be so innovative?

It's just the beginning, isn't it?

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