What Do We Blog About When the Story Dies?

The RIMarkable blog devoted to all things BlackBerry asks: What do we blog about now that the hotly contested story we were following is over?
Heather Green

Hilarious, almost soul searching post at RIMarkable that brings up an interesting issue for blogs following a hot story: What do you blog about when the story ends?

The RIMarkable blog is grappling with the end to the hotly fought, closely followed RIM-NTP patent case. For folks who aren't BlackBerry addicts, RIM settled the suit last week for $612 million. But the drama was rich fodder for a daily blog and about 10% of the RIMarkable post were devoted to the patent suit.

So now RIMarkable is looking for suggestions of other things to write about. "We don’t want the number of posts that we put out to decrease by 10% so now that RIM and NTP have settled what should we blog about?"

It's an interesting question, redefining your meaning after a unique story. After following the case pretty closely for us for the past four months, I'm pretty happy was resolved. I learned a lot more about patent law than I ever thought possible and the human drama was interesting. But after a while you just had to ask, where will this craziness end! But if I had a blog devoted to BlackBerry, I would be wondering what to write about. It's a good example of the cyclical nature of some blogs.

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