End Soda Now!

Cathy Arnst

I think we all know that there is nothing good to be said on behalf of soda (or pop, for you fellow midwesterners). Nevertheless, too many of us feel powerless to keep our kids from guzzling it down. I know how hard it is to combat soda's pervasiveness. I was recently at a parents/kids party, and the only beverages they had for the children were sodas and apple juice (another source of empty calories). My daughter is usually more than happy with water or milk, but because every other kid was drinking it she had an orange pop to fit in (which could be the subject of another blog entry). One of her 7-year-old friends drank 3 sodas over the course of 2-1/2 hours!
If you figure a soda now and then, or even daily, isn't such a big deal, check out a study just published by Children's Hospital in Boston.


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