Are You Mentor Material?

Considering becoming a mentor? The mentor/mentee relationship is very much like that of a parent and child. The younger, less experienced child mentees will look to you, the older, more experienced parent mentor, for guidance, wisdom, and advice. They will come to you with questions and expect you to have all the answers. They will bring to you their problems and expect you to solve them. And if you don’t give them the attention they think they deserve, they may pout and complain about you to their friends.

In short, if kids get on your nerves, don’t even think about being a mentor. Buy a goldfish or even better, a rubber plant. They require far less attention, and everyone will be much happier in the long run.

Typically, there are three things every good mentor should have: time, patience, and a genuine desire to help another person succeed without expecting anything in return. If you have an abundance of those things, then being a mentor can be a highly rewarding experience. If not, please see the rubber-plant reference above.

Tim Knox Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker Owner and CEO Digital Graphiti Huntsville, Ala.