How to Raise an Olympic Skier

Cathy Arnst

I'm just back from a family ski vacation at Copper Mountain in Colorado, which was fabulous. This is the third year on skis for my 7 year old daughter, and she really loves it, much to my relief. A few years ago I read an article that said one of the best things you can do for your child health-wise is get them involved in a physical activity they can continue to do as an adult. Team sports are great for lots of things, but it is unlikely they will be playing soccer or basketball regularly as an adult. So think swimming, tennis, running, and of course skiing (I suppose you could add the luge or skeleton to that list, but it's hard for me to believe those will lead to long term health). While we were at Copper we were watching the Olympics every night, which sent visions of my daughter competing in Vancouver dancing in my head (I know, I'm nuts, but one can dream, can't one?) If you want to get your little one on the slopes, here are some tips.

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