Blog finds fault with our (ie. Heather's) read on podcasts

Blogger finds faults with BW's business analysis of podcasts. But who wants to listen to ads through earbuds?
Stephen Baker

Sync2Play disputes Heather's down-to-earth prognosis on podcasts as moneymakers.

She's correct that there will be many podcasts with few listeners. At the same time there are already many podcasts with a critical mass of highly targeted audiences. This second group is where the ad revenue gets interesting. This second group is worth more than a typical mass market because the audience is targeted. $1 billion in 3-5 years is probably on the low side of the equation.

I agree that podcasts have a nicely targeted audience. I fit into a number of those targets myself. But one of my favorite things about podcasts is the absense of advertising. So the challenge is not just to find a micro-audience, but to entice it to accepts ads.

I know the advertising industry's mantra: It just has to be relevant. Well, that's true. But my objection to audio and video ads is that they command my time. This is especially true with podcasts, since iPods have only a primitive fast-forward button. I'll take lots of "relevant" ads on the computer screen, but don't necessarily want them entering my head through ear buds.

Blog finds fault with our (ie. Heather's) read on podcasts

by Natalie Ascencios

I notice Heather has been a bit... quiet on the blog today. A gang of us was out last night at the venerable Algonquin Hotel, celebrating my book leave. Compared to that madcap Manhattan escapade, blogging's positively blase.

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