VW Concept A....Sweet. Now, Let's See if You can Build It.

When I was working on a book about Volkswagen, I learned there are two kinds of time…the time it takes Volkswagen to bring out a car from concept to showroom and the time the rest of us keep.

This brings me to Concept A, showing this week at the Geneva Motor Show. In a word…sweet.

The coupe style car has the raised positioning of an SUV. The grille looks like a shield. I like it. The rear has a practical hatchback tailgate coupled to a pickup style fold-down rear section beneath the rear LED lights. Inside, no B-pillar. Instead, there are opposing opening wing doors. Then, there is a concertina style soft-top that slides all the way back to the C-pillar.

This is the sort of car that could juice up VW’s sales in the U.S., and in Europe I suspect. VW desperately needs a model here that will get carbuyer’s curiosity and captuer their emotion. And with a good new ad agency behind the brand, well…Concept A could turbocharge things a bit for VW.

When could we see it? Oy. Don’t ask. I’d be shocked if we would see this baby next to Golfs and Jettas in showrooms before the 2008 Presidential election. And considering even GM can now take a car from concept to production, provided its off an existing platform, in less than two years.

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