A Satellite Hook-Up for HDTV

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you're a satellite-TV subscriber who wants to make the jump to a high-definition set

Reader George Harrison wants to upgrade his TV but has a lot of questions about satellite service over the new set. He writes:

We are in a location where satellite TV is about the only option. I want to purchase a high-definition TV set. A friend said that I would need special wiring in lieu of the standard coaxial cable to get true HD resolution. Is this true? If so, what type of cable do I need?

Is an HD tuner required, or will the set-top box provide that function? My friend said that if the TV includes integrated speakers it would probably come with an integrated tuner.

Is it possible to stream the satellite signal from one receiver to numerous TVs? It seems the satellite folks are always trying to sell you multiple receivers. My friend seems to think they can be interconnected, but again special cabling and probably a signal booster of some type would be required.

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