Personal finance blogger's advice: careful with generics

A group of young financial bloggers open their portfolios to the world--and give sage advice on when to buy generics, and when to hold back
Stephen Baker

I've been scouring the personal finance blogs featured in Jessi Hempel's BW article this week. These are young bloggers who open up their finances to the rest of us. I see that one, at PFblog, has lifted his portfolio from $78,000 to $426,000 in three years (though, unlike many, he benefits from stock options). MyOpenWallet provides a New York perspective.

Jonathan Ping, an engineer who has climbed to $88,953, provides useful real-life advice. I especially liked his post on the pros and cons of saving $4 on generic detergent.

I moved instinctively towards the store-brand Kirkland, but then I got The Look. "Umm... no. We are going to spend the extra 4 bucks and buy the Tide." Tip for the soon to be married - pick your battles wisely ;). 4 bucks is not worth it.
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