Snooper salvation for MySpace crowd

MySpacers have been coming to Blogspotting for months looking for help tracking visitors to their sites. A reader guides them to
Stephen Baker

For months I've been watching the comments trickle in to a post I wrote about MySpace in September. Almost all are like this:

i really really want to know who viewed my profile.. can you help me how?

These people clearly found the post in a search engine and were looking for answers. The trouble was, it was the people with questions, and not those with the answer, who were finding us. Textbook asynchronicity. Who, after all, does a Google search looking for questions to answer? Well, one finally showed up yesterday. So, for all you MySpacers out there, here's the word from Aaron:

There is a program that will allow you to view who has viewed your page at what time and day.

UPDATE FROM READER: "Profilesnoop doesn't work anymore. The embedded flash files get cut out when you add it to your profile." Anyone have other answers?

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