Wild and Wooly at the TED Conference in Monterey.

Bruce Nussbaum

I couldn't get to TED but Jessie Scanlon, the brilliant choreographer of our Innovation & Design portal, just spent the past several days rubbing elbows with Bill Joy, Chris Anderson, Cameron Sinclair, Al Gore, Burt Rutan and other very, very, very smart people.

Here's Jessie: POST 1
"The year's TED conference was much the same as ever: billionaire game changers like Jeff Bezos and Larry & Sergei sat in the audience (and how, by the way, did boy-faced Steve Jurvetson lay permanent claim to that front row, center seat?) as a parade of scientists, designers, and provocateurs took the stage for 18 minutes apiece.

The highlights of the first day included Swedish doctor Hans Rosling who's Gapminder.org has developed a way to animate WHO and other global development statistics. It was a great example of the need to shift from the Information Age to a Visualization Age.

The other big highlight of Day 1 was Al Gore's impassioned and data-filled talk on global warming."

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