Post 2 From TED

POST 2 from Jessie Scanlon at TED in Monterey:
Bruce Nussbaum

POST 2 from Jessie Scanlon at TED in Monterey:

"Cameron Sinclair, the founder of Architecture for Humanity, was one of the three winners of this year's TED Prize. (The director of "" and "Control Room" and Larry Brilliant, who led the campaign to eradicate small pox, also won.) But Sinclair wasn't the only speaker to hit on the theme of humanitarian design and doing more with less. MIT's Amy Smith talked about the work she and her students have done helping to develop, for instance, an incubator that doesn't require electricity, and Squid Labs' Saul Griffith explained his low-cost eyeglasses machine, a truly MacGuyver contraption involving a rubber band. And of course, Nicholas Negroponte of MIT Media Lab fame showed the latest iteration of the $100 laptop."

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