Audio Tags?

A little on an idea about social networking and audio snippets from David Ives, the CEO of TVEyes.
Heather Green

I spoke with David Ives and he had some interesting notions about audio emoticons. Ives is CEO of TVEyes, search technology used by Yahoo and AOL to let you look up specific keywords in online audio and TV.

Ives thinks that audio tags will become a part of social networking. That's to say, soon besides podcasts and online video on our sites and blogs, we'll have short little bits of audio. These will be greetings or just tiny snippets to go with a post (say the recording of laughter when you're making a joke. Or a snort when you're mocking someone...) People will click on them and they will play right away/ Or you'll be able to share them.

These could be like emoticons or the little avatars that people already have on their blogs. I am trying to imagine what my signature sound would be on a day after I have been writing about the continuing saga of BlackBerry and its potential shutdown!

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