Questions about podcasts on Apple's iTunes

Advertisers are frustrated with iTunes. But here's a prediction that iTunes will eventually charge elite users to keep data private.
Stephen Baker

The frustrations for advertisers are palpable. Here they have a grand opportunity with podcasts, and iTunes runs away with much of the industry and gives them no data. "Because they have no advertising plans, they have no motivation to provide us with details," laments Jeff Lanctot, general manager of Avenue A Razorfish, the largest buyer of online ads.

A prediction: Apple will eventually feast on this trove. Users of an iTunes Elite service, I'm guessing, will spend $39.99 per year to keep their data out of the hands of folks like Lanctot. The hoi polloi will "pay" for their free service with user data. Does that sound plausible?

Meanwhile, Mark Glaser delves into how iTunes chooses its featured podcasts. Should it be any surprise that Disney podcasts fare well?

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