A Secret the IRS Doesn't Want You to Know

If you are a regular “C” corporation, owners can benefit from receiving tax-free medical expenses paid through the company. But if you’re a sole proprietor, partnership, or an “S” corporation, these same expenses aren’t normally deductible. Still, there is a way you may be able to get tax-free medical expenses through the business by setting up a medical reimbursement plan. Under this plan, you can deduct 100% of your medical insurance premiums and out-of-pocket cost as a business expense. While not every business qualifies, if you meet the following criteria you might be able to take a bite out of your tax bill:

1. You must be married. 2. Your spouse must be an employee of the business. Under the plan the business provides the benefit of reimbursing employees’ medical expenses. As your spouse is an employee, he or she is eligible for this benefit. 3. You can’t discriminate. If you provide the benefit to your spouse, you must also provide it to other qualified employees. You can specify that only permanent full-time employees who have worked for at least one year qualify. If you have a couple part-time or seasonal employees and only your spouse is permanent full-time, guess who is the one and only employee to qualify for the benefit? 4. The plan must be in writing.

If you meet this “quick test,” talk to your accountant or another professional who can help you determine if a medical reimbursement plan is right for you.

Gene Fairbrother ShopTalk 800® Business Consultant National Association for the Self-Employed Dallas