On Gaming and Hypnosis....

One gaming reviews editor allowed himself to be hypnotized so as to review a game as a 10 year old. The editor says he's emerged from the experience unscathed.
Olga Kharif

I just read that one gaming reviews editor allowed himself to be hypnotized in order to review a game. Under hypnosis, deputy editor of the Official Xbox Magazine in the U.K. was supposedly age-regressed to 10 years old. The idea was for him to try out a new game, "The Chronicles of Narnia," as a user for whom the game was intended.

The editor claims to have escaped the session "unscathed"; he will, in fact, recount his experience in a four-page upcoming article in the U.K. version of the magazine. That article is generating lots of buzz. And I can understand why. Turning a grown-up into a 10-year old instead of just, you know, asking a real-life 10-year-old to review the game clearly makes for a much better story.

Since we are on the subject of games and hypnosis, check out another example of gamers being hypnotized -- this time, to spook them with zombies.

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