Alienware's Reality PC

Playing games on the high-end Aurora 7500 is a lifelike experience. But the complicated machine is not for tech novices

How much PC can $2,750 buy? Quite a lot, judging from a close look at Alienware's Aurora 7500. In this series of reviews of high-end media PCs (see BW Online, 2/17/06, "Dell's High-End Home Run"), we're looking at just how much bang you can get for your buck when you're willing to spend a bundle.

Was I impressed with the 7500's performance? You better believe it. Is there much difference between an Alienware machine and another make with the same chips and cards installed? That's a harder call. The 7500 has appeal if you're a serious gamer, you're ready to make a PC the center of your home entertainment system, and you've got more than three grand to do it with. But if your needs aren't quite so great and your budget's a little tighter, you may want to keep shopping around.

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