A Special Event Next week

Moments ago I just received an email from Apple concerning a
Arik Hesseldahl

Moments ago I just received an email from Apple concerning a "Special Event" scheduled for Feb. 28, which will take place at Apple Town Hall, Building 4 at 10 AM Pacific Time.

A Special Event Next week
The email contains the headline "Come see some fun new products from Apple" and the graphic is a desktop calendar (pictured), identical to the iCal icon, bearing the date Feb. 28, 2006. This would suggest to me that some kind of software update is in the offing. Please correct me if I'm wrong -- but it seems to me that iLife and other Apple applications haven't yet been ported to universal binary for running on Intel machines. They'll run on Intel machines via Rosetta -- but I don't see the "Universal Binary" stamp appearing here on this iLife 06 page.
Now that those machines have started shipping, it would make sense that this event might address this.

Stay tuned.

Update at 12:21 EST: Okay I'm told that iLife 06 is indeed a universal binary. That still doesn't change my first blush opinion that next week's event will focus mostly on software, with maybe an Intel-based iBook thrown in at the end.

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