When I do a book blog, should I stay on Blogspotting?

Stephen Baker goes on book leave--and wonders whether to keep blogging on Blogspotting or to move to a book blog--or both
Stephen Baker

I got a contract to write a book. I'm not going to go into details here, because the publisher wants to make an announcement. (They want a picture of me for this, and are not satisfied with the self-portraits I send from my cameraphone.) In any case, I've asked for a one-year unpaid leave from BusinessWeek, starting in March.

The question: How and where to blog? I want to keep blogging as I report and develop this book. But the book has nothing to do with the theme of this Blogspotting blog. My thoughts will be elsewhere. I asked Steve Rubel for some advice, and he suggested starting a new book blog and also continuing on Blogspotting. I think that would work fine if I woke up at 4 every morning. I don't. Then Steve suggested recruiting guest bloggers for Blogspotting. That's an interesting idea, but I don't see a series of them filling in through February of 2007.

This is a problem lots of publications will face as their blogging reporters change beats. If you have any thoughts or advice on what to do, I'm all ears.

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