Podbridge: Podcasting Metrics Please

A little on Podbridge, a new startup that help podcasters and advertisers track who is actually listening to podcasts (not just downloading them).
Heather Green

My podcast series on the business of podcasting makes it clear to me that podcasters who want to sell ads still lack the most basic metrics. This is all early days, absolutely. And most podcasters--90% to 95%--won't make money. But there will be some money to be made here and an opportunity for companies who can help podcasters do that.

So, I was interested to hear about a new service from Podbridge. This is the latest startup to emerge built to help publishers and advertisers by providing tracking and ad insertion technology. What’s new is Podbrigde can help you track who is actually listening to podcasts (not just downloading them) and also if you’re interested, insert ads dynamically.

The trick is they require individuals to download a little bit of software that runs on their media player. This allows Podbridge to track listening habits. They also throw in a registration process to collect age, gender, and zip code. This might be a hurdle, although Podbridge says that so far, they have an 85% conversion rate.

But as far as I know, this is the most evolved service for tracking listening habits for podcasts.

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