Evidently, the Confusion Over Cheney Incident Continues

We just got an emailed statement from the editor of right-leaning Accuracy in Media, which admirably manages to contain two completely insupportable assertions within one small paragraph:

Cliff Kincaid, editor of Accuracy in Media, has issued the following statement on major media coverage of the Dick Cheney hunting incident:

“The feeding frenzy over the Dick Cheney hunting incident was one of the last gasps of the major media, as they desperately try to hold on to their privileged position as arbiters of what is – and is not – news. By asking silly questions about a minor news story, they wanted the politicians and the public to know that they are still a force to be reckoned with, and that you must deal with them first if you are to avoid being scandalized on a national basis. In the end, Cheney was forced to respond to their temper tantrum, but he did so through an interview with Brit Hume of Fox News Channel. It was Cheney’s way of saying that the old media don’t matter as much anymore.”

1. So it’s a “minor news story” when the sitting vice-president shoots someone in the face and doesn’t immediately tell anyone about it and …

2. Apparently I, and everyone else, misinterpreted the venue for which the ineffably-old-school-anchor Brit Hume interviewed Cheney for. It must have been MySpace, not some outfit that runs news on televisions.

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