Is Anybody Out There?

James Mehring

After Toddi posted Working Father Magazine? on February 6, I wanted to prove her wrong. In this day and age there must be some corner of the Internet where working fathers can find some useful information, advice, and support.

Alas, cyberspace really does appear to have some boundaries. I performed a simple test by typing the phrase "working mom" into Google. The result was a list of over 400,000 links. For the phrase "working father", I got about 37,000 hits and around 17,000 for "working dad".

If I could find 50 quality sites dealing with work and fatherhood it would be more than enough for me. However, once I saw those comparatively puny results, I was even more disappointed. The first entry for working mom was a link to Working Mom’s Refuge. In contrast, the first site I got for my working dad search was giving away clipart illustrations of a saluting man with a hard hat and wrench. A few listings down on the first page was a Craigslist classified with the headline “single cute working dad needs room any ladie takers.” Good grief!!!

Further searching yielded few strong leads. I have to admit that a reply to Toddi’s post by Jason was pretty good. He suggested Interactive Dad Magazine as a good resource and I agree. It tries to cover everything from finances to relationships with children and spouses. I was drawn immediately to the Dads & Daughters section since I am a first time dad and have a daughter. It was an encouraging section although a little repetitious.

When it comes to blogs, there are many by stay-at-home dads (SAHD’s in blog lingo). I did stumble across some funny dad blogs that gave an occasional mention to work. The one I liked the most was DadTalk. There are also a couple funny fatherhood blogs with multiple contributors, such as Blogfathers and DadCentric. I will keep searching for more blogs and websites with a focus on the working dads. Any recommendations are welcome, too.

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