Let the High-Def Games Begin

NBC is broadcasting the Winter Olympics in high-definition TV. That's good news for owners of HD displays, but it can be a bummer for others

Deb De Gregorio wants a better Olympics viewing experience on her seven-year-old TV. She writes:

The Olympics on NBC (GE) appears to be broadcast in widescreen. On my older Sony (SNE), the left and right sides are cut off. So that means you can't see the little timer as racers go down hill. And people are cut out of the image on the sides.

I am not going to run out and buy a new TV, because my 7-year-old Sony works just fine, thank you. Is there any sort of converter box gizmo that would allow me to get the broadcast in letter box? I don't love TV so much that I must have HDTV. I am a digital Comcast (CMCSA) subscriber and at those rates, I deserve the whole picture.

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