Is small yesterday's big?

If the common phrase
Stephen Baker

Jeff Jarvis notes that Small is the New Big, a phrase he and Seth Godin coined, is moving to magazine covers and books--and is gaining on its close thematic cousin, Long Tail.

My concern is that these concepts and phrases start out with a bang, but then quickly ossify into orthodoxy. Initially, it's an interesting exercise to look at the world with, say, the Long Tail in mind, and try to figure out how this phenomenon in a networked world can change the way we do a, b, c, and d. But that process happens in a matter of months. And now I think we're at the point where it might be more interesting to ask: What are the limits of the Long Tail? In which areas does small remain small, and big big? I think we all know that the Superbowl represents the effective antithesis of The Long Tail. Any other ideas out there?

My other question is whether books can get in front of these conversations. Seems to me that by the time the books come out, the themes will have been chewed over, swallowed, digested and so on. Will the coming tomes on The Long Tail and Small is the New Big lead us in new directions? Or are they oriented toward the off-blog public that doesn't see these terms every day?

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