Who Is Afraid of Blogs?

Corporations and universities are increasingly snooping around blogs. A number of bloggers have been fired. Some college students have had college police bust into their apartments because of notes the police read on blogging and social-networking sites. Do all these happenings make bloggers afraid to blog?
Olga Kharif

Lately, it seems like I am hearing a lot about people being fired for their blogs. Colleges are snooping on Facebook.com. Companies are implementing policies prohibiting employees to mention where they work in their blogs. And some of my friends tell me they have started lying on their blogs because they don't want to get into trouble.

What I am wondering about is, is this fear of saying too much on the blogs becoming wide-spread? Are you becoming afraid to blog? Are you changing your blogging behavior because you are afraid to get into trouble? Please let me know what you think!

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